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JAFOWA's Projects

Here is an overview of the 16 Projects supported by JAFOWA via the two first call of proposal : 


In Burkina Faso


Project : Support l'Association Munyu des Femmes' members to answer to the growing local demand for healthy and nutritious market garden products from a resilient agriculture while improving their incomes. 

Partners: Association Munyu des Femmes, the international NGO Nitidae and the GIE Bioprotect.

Focus on: Agroecology - Gender - Youth employment

Location: Burkina Faso - Région des Cascades

Timerframe: January 2020 - December 2021 (24 months)

Fédération Nationale des Organisations Paysannes
La Saisonnière

Project : Disseminate and adopt the principles and practices of agroecology; co-construct solutions adapted to urban agroecological production systems; networking actors for production and marketing of products responding to Ouagadougou inhabitants' demand for healthy vegetables.

Partners: 2 national NGOs : Action Lutte Contre la Pauvreté (ALCP) et Association des Professionnelles de l’Assainissement du Burkina (APAB).

Focus on: Agroecology - Gender - peri-urban market gardening

Location: Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou

Timerframe: January 2020 - December 2021 (24 months)

Association La Saisonnière

Project : Improve agricultural productivity in market gardening as well as the quality of vegetables for rural households and consumers of Ouagadougou; enhance the agricultural production of 450 producers (60% women) and promote entrepreneurship in rural areas. The project also seeks to influence the political environment in favour of the development of the agroecological sector.

Partners: Mairie de Loumbila, lthe national NGO Association pour la promotion de « consommons bio» et la lutte contre le cancer (APCB /PC) and the international NGO Mani Tese.

Focus on: Agroecology - vegetables - peri-urban markets - local development planning

Location: Burkina Faso - Loumbila - Ouagadougou

Timerframe: January 2020 - December 2022 (36 months)

Union des groupements maraichers Nanglobzangade Loumbila

Project : While increasing its production capacity and strengthening their structuring, change urban households, product distributors, policies, production cooperatives, research... attitudes replacing conventional foods products with those from agroecological and organic farms.

Partners: the Coopérative  féminine de Transformation des Produits Agro-alimentaires (COTRAPAL) and Agrodéveloppement et services logistiques (ADSL).

Focus on: Agroecology - Gender - Fruits value chain and processing

Location: Burkina Faso, Regions Hauts Bassins, Cascades, Centre, Centre-Ouest.

Timerframe: January 2020 - December 2022 (36 months)

Union des producteurs de mangue biologique de la région des Hauts Bassins

Project : Reinforce training and technical support services, through the supply of seeds and access to local markets for the farmers of 8 provinces of Burkina Faso.

Partners: Association pour le Développement Agricole Durable au Sanguié (APAD Sanguié); Association Béo-Néeré; NGO Terre & Humanisme; Conseil National de l’Agriculture Biologique (CNABio); Association BEDE.

Focus on: Agroecology

Location: Burkina Faso

Timerframe: February 2017 - January 2019 (24 months)

Association Interzone pour le Développement Rural

Project : Structure the onions value chain using environmentally friendly production techniques, training producers in food preservation and supporting them in marketing and advocating for access to land.

Partners: Agence pour la Promotion de la Petite et Moyenne Entreprise, en Agriculture et Artisanat (APME2A); Comité Interprofessionnel de la Filière Oignon du Burkina (CIFOB).

Focus on: Agroecology - Training - Advocacy

Location: Burkina Faso

Timerframe: January 2017- September 2019 (33 months)

Confédération paysanne du Faso

Project:  Increase women’s income and autonomy, through a variety of activities and commercialisation of their products, bringing an added value and strengthening the network. The project connects the production of sesame and bee products with the organic and agroecological practices that integrate territorial continuity and land rights.

Partners: Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture des Hauts-Bassins (CRA/HBS); NGO Nitidae.

Focus on: Agroecology - Access to land

Location: Burkina Faso

Timerframe: January 2017- December 2018 (24 months)

Réseau des Productrices du Beurre de Karité de la Région des Hauts Bassins et Cascades

Project : Create and test the profitability of a competitive and sustainable franchising to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of women’s rice parboilers.

Partners: NGO Rikolto.

Focus on: Women's leadership and entrepreneurship

Location: Burkina Faso

Timerframe: April 2017- April 2019 (25 months)

Union Nationale des Etuveuses de Riz du Burkina

In Senegal


Project : Strengthen food and nutrition security by domesticating uncultivated biodiversity in fields and market gardening with 10 agricultural households and 200 women gathered in 4 market garden groups (securing their fields, access to water, and integrate uncultivated biodiversity into growing and feeding systems). « Nous Sommes la Solution » ensures the culinary promotion of biodiversity and AFSA strengthens local advocacy.

Partners: The movement « Nous Sommes la Solution » and Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA)

Focus on: Agroecology - Gender - Biodiversity - Traditional knowledge

Location: Senegal - communities of Saré Coly Sallé and Koussanar

Timerframe: Janvier 2020 - June 2022 (30 months)

Association Sénégalaise des Producteurs de Semences Paysannes

Project: Accompany producers to face of environmental and health threats due to intensive uses of pesticides and chemical fertilizers; going towards a more rational management of natural resources and by joining the agroecological transition

Partners: Cellule de Mise en Œuvre du Plan d’Aménagement de la bande de Filao (CMOPABF), Centre pour le Développement de l’Horticulture (CDH - ISRA), Agence Nationale de Conseil Agricole et Rural (ANCAR) and Direction de la Gestion et de la Planification des Ressources en Eau (DGPRE).

Focus on: Agroecology - Peri-urban market gardening - Pollution

Location: Senegal - Niayes

Timerframe: January 2020 - December 2021 (24 months)

Association des Unions Maraîchères des Niayes

Project: Adopt and enhance agroecological practices for more resilient production systems capable of providing quality food and decent incomes to family farmers, especially young people and women, relying on sesame which is an important vector of agroecological transition for family farms of the arachidier basin and Casamance.

Partners: CERAAS (Centre d’étude Régional pour l’amélioration de l’adaptation à la Sécheresse - ISRA) and international NGO RIKOLTO.

Focus on: Agroecology - Sesame value chain - Research

Location: Senegal - Casamance and Tambacounda

Timerframe: January 2020 - December 2022 (36 months)

 Fédération Nationale des Producteurs de Sésame

Project: Cope with the productive logic of the development of the middle Senegal River valley and strengthen the resilience of family farms through adoption and dissemination of sustainable agroecological intensification practices of agropastoral production (integrating agriculture & livestock); and accompany the Podor County Council to achieve its goal of preserving and regenerating natural resources as part of its departmental development plan.

Partners: Union des Jeunes Agriculteurs de Koyli Wirnde (UJAK), Union de Galoya, and international NGO SOS Faim.

Focus on: Agroecology - Agriculture & livestock integration - Territorial development planning

Location: Senegal - Saint Louis, territory of Podor,

Timerframe: January 2020 - June 2022 (30 months)

 Fédération des Organisations Non Gouvernementales du Sénégal - Action Paysanne

Project: Increase the resilience of Small Farmer Rural Enterprises through dissemination and adaptation of milk production technologies, capacity building and debating their concerns.

Partners: Antenne Sénégal du Réseau Billital Maroobé (RBM); italian NGO CISV.

Focus on: Innovation - Traning

Location: Senegal

Timerframe: December 2016 - November 2018 (24 months)

Association pour le Développement de Namarèl et Villages Environnants

Project: Improve the production systems and technics of rural population of Kolda and Sedhiou with focus on the transition towards agroecology and capacity building of women in that field.

Partners: Senegalese NGO Forum pour un développement durable endogène (FODDE).

Focus on: Agroecology - Women's leadership

Location: Senegal

Timerframe: January 2017 - October 2018 (18 months)

Réseau des Organisations de Productrices de la Casamance

Project: Offer adapted and sustainable agricultural services to Rural Micro Enterprises; strengthen the access of small producers to sustainable agricultural services and innovations in order to develop the productivity and reinforce households’ food security.

Partners: Union Nationale Interprofessionnelle des Semences (UNIS Nord).

Focus on: Access to services - Innovation

Location: Senegal

Timerframe: December 2016 - May 2018 (18 months)

Plateforme des Initiatives du Nord

In Ghana


Project: Improve agricultural production sustainability, revenues and means of support through increased access to key services for the sesame agronomy-food sector, while applying agroecological approaches and practices.

Partners: Ghanaian NGO Organization for Indigenous Initiatives and Sustainability (ORGIIS).

Focus on: Agroecology - Access to services

Location: Ghana

Timerframe: February 2017- April 2019 (27 months)

Ghana National Sesame Business Farmers Association
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