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JAFOWA's Theory of Change

JAFOWA envisions a dynamic, inclusive and equitable farmers’ movement in West Africa, which would enable farmers, pastoralists and fishermen’s organisations to create and manage quality local food systems that benefit communities in economically and ecologically sustainable ways.

How to reach it?

Scaling: Value chain actors engage in a process of agro-ecological transition.

Facilitating partnerships: Farmers’ Organisations engage in effective and innovative partnerships with private and public actors, in developing a collective reflection on the expected long-term changes.

Focus on actions directed by or towards women and young people: for their capacity development and empowerment.

Advocating: at the local and the national level, to the various actors of the agro-ecological transition in West Africa.


In order to support these changes, JAFOWA:


- Facilitates and supports the strengthening of alliances around Farmers’ Organisations and their visions for change

- Provides financial resources (grants) to Farmers’ Organisations and their partners

- Encourages the sharing of experiences and technical expertises to and between Farmers’ Organisations and partners

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