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Projects 2016-2019

The project aims to increase women's income and autonomy, by strengthening shea nut production capacity, diverting products (sesame, beekeeping) and marketing.   

Burkina Faso - Région des Hauts Bassins

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The project  aims to create and test the profitability of a competitive and sustainable franchise model that provides services (access to credit, market, inputs, training, etc.) to small and medium-sized enterprises run by women rice parboilers. The franchise should enable them to increase their income by selling large quantities of quality parboiled rice. 

Burkina Faso - Région des cascades

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The project is led by 3 Burkinabe farmers' organizations pioneering the agroecological transition: Association Interzone pour le Développement Rural (AIDMR), Association pour le Développement Agricole Durable au Sanguié (APAD) and Association Béo-Néeré. 

It aims to strengthen training and technical support services for seed supply and access to local markets through short circuits for farmers in 8 provinces of Burkina Faso.

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The project aims to organize the onion industry by using ecologically sustainable production techniques, training farmers in product conservation, supporting them in marketing and lobbying for secured access to land - Burkina Faso


The project aims to improve production systems and techniques for the rural populations of Kolda and Sedhiou. It supports women the promotion of agroecology, better access to inputs, participation in decision-making bodies, and the creation of processing and marketing units for their products. 



The project supports rice growers in the Podor region in agroecological practices and access to agricultural services: marketing credit, management training and input supplies  - Sénégal

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The aim of the project is to improve the sustainability, income and livelihoods of sesame-producing family farms - Ghana

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